EMV Download

The October 1 liability shift is now. It’s a big change for the industry and we’ve been working hard with partners to prepare for it. Helping to protect your business and your customers is important to us. It’s time to make sure you’ve enabled EMV processing on your payments terminals. You need an EMV capable terminal file identification number (TID) and you’ll need to make sure your terminal has the software updates required.

To receive a TID for your Ingenico ICT 250/220 or Verifone VX520 terminal, use the form below. You’ll need your Merchant ID (which can be found on the side of your terminal, on your monthly billing statement, or on your terminal batch reports).

Please check your receipt, or statement to find your MID if you need additional support.

Please complete the fields below and click submit. You’ll receive an email reply within 24 hours, which will include:

  • Your new, EMV capable terminal file identification number (TID).
  • Instructions on how to perform the requested download of the latest EMV software.
  • Links to other information that you may find helpful during this process.


If you’ve already received a new EMV capable terminal file identification number (TID) follow the directions below to download the EMV application that’s right for your terminal:

Verifone Vx520 Terminal Download Instructions are located in your customer portal at accessmyiq.com.

Ingenico EMV Downloads: ICT220 EMV (Dial) | ICT220 EMV (IP) | ICT250 EMV (Dial) | ICT250 EMV (IP)