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Increase your speed to revenue

Flexible, transparent and easy to use, Launchpad provides a seamless boarding experience—for you and your merchants.

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Simple, fast, streamlined

Whether on a mobile device, desktop, or tablet, Launchpad reduces the complexity of merchant boarding so you can enhance service and drive revenue.

A smarter way to grow your business

Launchpad can be tailored to your needs, giving you more control over how your merchants are boarded and your own business growth.

Convert more

Convert more

Frustration-free boarding means more merchants processing payments faster. That’s real speed to revenue.

Know where you stand

Know where you stand

Get your lead status at any time, and from any device. That’s knowledge to act.

Use it your way

Use it your way

Options for how to onboard your merchants, and flexibility to grow your business with us. That’s confidence to grow, today and tomorrow.

Remove the complexity from merchant boarding

Launchpad empowers you to improve the merchant boarding experience, accelerating time to processing and revenue.

  • Seamless boarding  Seamless boarding

  • Simplified lead management  Simplified lead management

  • Easy access to Worldpay's payments expertise  Easy access to Worldpay’s payments expertise

Two options to access Launchpad

Portal API
Best-in-class interface Fully custom
All you need in one place Seamless product integration
Maintained by Worldpay Maintained by your team

*Feature available for specific partner business models. Consult with a Worldpay representative to learn more.

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