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  • Eliminate double entries and ease end-of-day reconciliation
  • Reduce costly mistakes to increase profitability
  • Improve proficiency and accuracy with payments posted automatically to patient accounts and ledgers


  • Save time for patients and staff with expedited checkout
  • Encourage payment convenience with NFC capability including Apple Pay


  • Provide flexibility to patients while safely story card information for recurring billing
  • Support both EMV and contactless payments designed to ensure data security

Top articles this month:

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Reminder: Expired CAP Key Removal

On an annual basis, EMVco reviews Public Keys and makes recommendations on the expected life span (on a rolling 10-year projection window) of the different key lengths. Once EMVCo determines a key length is beginning to approach a point where it may become vulnerable, they will set the key's expiration date. When a key expires, it must be removed from the terminal within six months. 

In order to maintain compliance, you and your POS providers/ISV partners must ensure all expired keys are removed from devices. Failure to remove expired keys may result in non-compliance assessments per MID, per month, beginning in September 2023.


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Reminder: Required EMV TAGS in Settlement
EMV transaction details or TAGS, like TAG 9F34 (Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) Results), TAG 84 (Dedicated File Name) and others, when obtained during authorization, are required to be sent in settlement and properly formatted. 

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Interchange and Network Fee Updates

Effective October 2023: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express have announced upcoming changes to their interchange programs and network fees for US, Canada and Asia-Pacific merchants.

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